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Should I stay or should I go

Being a student might be the easiest and yet the hardest period of every person’s life. It’s that time when you make your first big decisions, when you kinda feel like you’re on your own (or that you should be), when you start understanding that life, in general, is not always only fun and games. Basically, your student years might not be the smoothest. I believe that one of the most common questions undergraduates ask themselves is: Should I work or not? ”Should I stay or should I go”, just as the song goes. And even so, what’s the right answer to this question? Better said, is there even a right answer?

My name is Cristina and I’m a 20 years old student that works as a Social Media Specialist at this amazing digital agency, Wiremedia. I came here 7 months ago, with an ’extensive’ 2 months experience as an intern at another digital agency, a semester where I had a single digital marketing course and a lot of hope. Basically, my enthusiasm was ten times bigger than my experience in the field, but that was enough. Not much has changed since then, I’m still here and I’m still overenthusiastic, but I’m way more experienced and competent now.

So, some of you might be wondering how this whole experience played out for me – working full time and still being a student. Honestly, I could write 100 pages without really managing to express all the feelings I’ve had so far. Long story short, the most truthful conclusion, for me at least, is that there is no easy way to work full time and be a student, but this road was and still is worthy and so damn beautiful. Nothing compares to the feeling that I get when seeing my evolution, when hearing about a happy client or when simply coming to the office every Monday morning with the enthusiasm of a kid on his first day of school. 

Of course, managing school, work and social life definitely get difficult from time to time, sometimes it seems impossible or even exhausting, but when taking a step back and analyzing the bigger picture, I get reminded of what motivated me and always find ways to make it through. This happens because I love what I’m currently doing, because I feel it gives me a real purpose, because it teaches me how to overcome challenges. The thing is…that’s just me and it might not be the same for everyone. Actually, it certainly does not have to be the same for everyone.

So, the most honest answer to the questions asked above is that honestly, I have no idea, I don’t know If a student should work or not, even if I’m a student who has a full-time job. I think nobody else apart from you can make this decision, cause it’s a pretty damn important one. I guess the best way to find an answer for yourself is by trusting your gut feeling, at least that’s what I did and hey! It worked out pretty well for me, so it might be worth taking the risk.

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